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University of Mary Washington Annual Athletes of the Year

Year Male Female
2012-13 Alex Anderson (M. Swimming) Lisa Charney (Field Hockey)
2013-14 Alex Anderson (M. Swimming) Caitlin Baker (Field Hockey)
  Bradley Riester (M. Basketball)  
2014-15 Alex Anderson (M. Swimming) Teagan Young (W. XC/Track)
2015-16 Dallas Tarkenton (M. Swimming) Jenna Steele (Field Hockey)
  T.J. Jones (M. Basketball)  
2016-17 Dallas Tarkenton (M. Swimming) Emma Olson (Volleyball)
2017-18 Colin Travis (M. Soccer) Kirsten Littlefield (Lacrosse)
  Eric Shaw (M. Basketball)  
2018-19 Justin Carey (M. Soccer) Erin Andrewlevich (W. Track)
  Jeff Leckrone (M. Swimming) Hanna Ashby (W. Lacrosse) 
2019-20 Gabriel Soriano (M. Soccer) Savannah Powers (Volleyball)
  Noah Carpenter (M. Swimming) Erin Andrewlevich (W. Track)
  Moses Hutchison (M. Tennis) Paige Haskins (W. Lacrosse)
2020-21 Sebastien Bonte (M. Golf) Rylie Cole (W. Lacrosse)
  Moses Hutchison (M. Tennis)  
2021-22 Moses Hutchison (M. Tennis) Kinsey Brooks (W. Swimming) 
2022-23 Josh Kirkland (M. Soccer) Kinsey Brooks (W. Swimming)
  Greg Rowson (M. Basketball)