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Donation Policy

A Community Partner
The University of Mary Washington Eagles are committed to being involved in the Fredericksburg community and working collaboratively with groups and organizations that desire to make a positive impact in the area. An opportunity to involve the UMW Eagles with the work of other community groups is something that we value, and as a result, we will make every effort to support as many requests as possible. Currently, only requests for ticket donations are accepted by the Division of Athletics.
Donation Request Limitations
Only requests made by a registered charitable, educational or non-profit organization will be considered. Proof of non-profit status may be required for some requests. Per NCAA rules it is impermissible for the Division of Athletics to provide donations to a high school or any organization that benefits prospective student-athletes through raising money for the high-school's or organization's athletics or other programs. In addition, an institution may not donate to any organization for the purpose of raising funds to provide financial assistance to high-school students to attend the collegiate institutions of their choice.
Requests for Donations of Tickets

The University of Mary Washington Athletics Division is committed to supporting the community’s charitable, educational and philanthropic causes through its ticket donation program. Each year, the Athletics Division receives hundreds of donation requests and strives to accommodate as many entities as possible. NCAA rules, however, preclude the distribution of tickets to specific individuals and organizations. Please read the application procedures and explanation of NCAA rules prior to completing the request.

The tickets are not to benefit an individual of recruitable age. Therefore, we may not issue complimentary tickets or donations of any kind to high school clubs, teams, or other high school-aged groups. Tickets may be auctioned or raffled by the organization/agency requesting the donation however the outright sale of these tickets by the organization or the individual obtaining the tickets the auction is strictly prohibited.

Completed ticket request forms can be submitted to the following address or via fax:

University of Mary Washington Athletics
Attn: Ticket Donation Requests
1301 College Avenue
Fredericksburg, VA 22401

Fax: (540) 654-1892

All organizations requesting a donation should complete the Donation Form and return it to the Department of Athletics and Recreation at least six weeks in advance.
Requests for Donations of Autographed Items
Requests of autographed items by athletes or staff members can no longer be accepted by the Division of Athletics. All memorabilia items and autographed items, including those for non-profit/charitable purposes, should be procured by attending University of Mary Washington sanctioned fan appreciation days and team autograph days.