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UMW Student-Athlete Advisory Committee

Mission Statement



The SAAC was formed for the purpose of:

  • Promoting communication link between student-athletes and the athletic administration
  • Encouraging communication and unity between and among teams
  • Building a sense of community within athletics throughout the campus and local community
  • Providing a forum for student-athletes to voice opinions on NCAA and UMW
  • Promoting a positive student-athlete image on campus



Each representative is expected:

  • To attend all committee meetings and activities.  A regular meeting time will be agreed upon at that the first meeting.
  • To report to the team and coach on the information and the minutes of the meeting.
  • To represent the teams’ views/concerns/ideas at committee meetings. This signifies that the team representative(s) will talk to his/her teammates about subjects or projects. Then it will be discussed at committee meetings. Coaches will allow time before or after practices for team meetings if they are given advance notice (at least one day) that a meeting is needed.



  • The committee’s function is to provide a forum for discussions of anything that concerns UMW athletes.
  • The Advisor(s) will brief the committee on topics as policy changes and proposed new policies. Projects can be proposed at organized committee meetings.
  • The committee is expected to develop, plan and carry out a community service project annually.


2024-25 Board Members