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Inside the Nest: Lauren Hopkins

Inside the Nest: Lauren Hopkins

The University of Mary Washington Athletic Department has launched a new student-athlete spotlight, "Inside the Nest." Each month, we will be celebrating student-athletes from different communities within our department. The focus for April is the Class of 2020.  


Name: Lauren Hopkins

Sport: Field Hockey

Hometown: Virginia Beach, VA

Major: Marketing


Favorite Class:


Favorite Professor:


Favorite part about being a UMW student-athlete:

Our athletic community encourages you to not only be an athlete but to be involved with the school and other university programs.

Favorite thing to do in Fredericksburg:

My favorite things to do in Fred are to take walks downtown and eat at all the local restaurants with my friends.

Fun fact about me:

I broke my nose on the first day of preseason during the first practice of my senior year.

Favorite UMW memory:

My favorite UMW memory would have to be when we played Lynchburg my junior year before the school shut down for the hurricane. I remember it was really hot and Lynchburg was always a tough team for us. We stepped on the field and the entire game was back and forth. We scored. They scored. We ended up winning, 5-3. I remember walking off the field so happy with the win, but also feeling so accomplished that we fought hard the entire 70 minutes. It felt good having all our hard work at practice pay off.

What has playing at UMW meant to you:

Deciding to play in college and choosing to play at UMW was one of the best decisions I have made for myself. This program has grown my love for the game and the team has been my family the past 4 years and giving me my best friends.

Post-graduate plans:

After college I plan to pursue a job in marketing, focusing on supporting and promoting small businesses.

I would like to thank:

My parents for coming to every game the past four years and my teammates for getting me through some of the toughest practices and sprint sets.