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Chi Alpha Sigma

Chi Alpha Sigma is a nonprofit organization established to recognize college student-athletes who excel both on and off the field of competition. Our honor society was founded in 1996 by then DePauw University head football coach Nick Mourouzis. His goal was to provide outstanding student-athletes with an opportunity to become connected within a fraternal association that aligns their educational and athletic successes for a lifetime.

2022 Inductees

Brooke Barsella Junior Women's Lacrosse
Caroline Bird Senior Softball
Abigail Bolinger Junior Women's Track and Field
Caroline Broderick Junior Women's Lacrosse
Patrick Brown Junior Men's CC/T&F
Lydia Bryant Senior Field Hockey 
Nathan Burton Junior Baseball
Caroline Ciccone Senior Women's Soccer
Nicholas Ciuffreda Junior Baseball
Colin Coyne Junior   Men's Basketball
Kevin Cruz Senior  Men's Lacrosse
Jackson Davis Junior Men's Lacrosse
Sarah Dietz Junior Equestrian
Gracey Drury Junior Softball
Maggie Ellis  Senior Field Hockey 
Jordan Finn Senior  Men's Soccer
Aidan Gallagher Senior Men's Rugby
Hope Grzebien Junior   Women's Soccer
Amanda Hagino Junior Women's Tennis
Xavier Herring Junior Baseball
Karissa Highlander Junior Women's Basketball
Allison Holden Junior   Women's Soccer
Noah Howeth Junior  Baseball
Sidney Hughes Senior  Women's Rugby
Amanda Krest Junior   Women's Soccer
Abel Luwis Junior Men's Soccer
Christian Lyman Junior Men's Track and Field
Makenna Maham Junior Women's Lacrosse
Julia May Junior Women's Swimming
Mikaela O'Fallon Junior   Women's Soccer
Caitlin O'Leary Junior Women's Lacrosse
Nicholas Onorato Junior Men's CC/T&F
Grace Pippin Junior Women's CC/T&F
Katie Posavec Junior Women's Swimming
Connor Quin Senior  Men's CC/T&F
Patton Robertson Junior Men's Lacrosse
Krista Rodgers Junior Volleyball
Madeline Ryan Junior Women's Rugby
Kayla Sarazin Junior  Women's Lacrosse
Molly Sharman Junior Women's Basketball
Patrick Smedley Junior Men's Basketball
Samantha Stachowiack Senior Women's Lacrosse
Jenny Thompson Junior  Women's Swimming
Stephen Wallach Junior  Men's Swimming
Andrew Watson Junior Men's Tennis
Brendan Wilker Junior Men's Swimming
Juliana Yerovi Senior Women's Rugby

2021 Inductees

Kasandra Bender Women's Rugby Senior
Rory Black Women's Lacrosse Junior
Julian Bonilla-Vazquez Men's Swimming Senior
Katherine Brady Women's Soccer Junior
Margot Brown Women's Soccer Junior
Sally Burkley Women's Swimming Junior
Walker Chilton Baseball Junior
Grace Clarke Women's Lacrosse Junior
Meaghan Comer Women's Swimming Senior
Natalie Critelli Women's Lacrosse Junior
Priyan  Desilva Men's Tennis Junior
Steven Devertevil Men's Soccer Junior
Sophie Dixon Women's Tennis Senior
Ingrid Dizon Women's Swimming Junior
Aidan Finegan Volleyball Junior
Samuel Freeborne Baseball Junior
Thora Gibbs Women's Basketball Junior
Morgan Gilbert Softball Junior
Brian Harnish Men's Swimming Senior
Carly Hughes Women's Cross Country/Track & Field Senior
Moses Hutchison Men's Tennis Junior
Alexia Inge Women's Soccer Junior
Jacob Kautzman Men's Soccer Junior
Sydney Keating Field Hockey Junior
Jack Landers Men's Lacrosse Junior
Maya Levin Women's Lacrosse Junior
Jack Levine Men's Rugby Senior
Kenzie Lloyd Women's Cross Country/Track & Field Junior
Reilly Miller Women's Lacrosse Junior
Gabrielle Moore Women's Golf Junior
Maggie Mrowka Softball Junior
Kristophe Newman Men's Lacrosse Junior
Grace Nicolai Women's Swimming Junior
Rebecca Pullen Women's Lacrosse Junior
Lauren Quinn Women's Tennis Junior
Saraid Satterfield Women's Lacrosse Junior
Jackie Smith Field Hockey/Women's Track & Field Senior
Faith St. Clair Women's Basketball Junior
Olivia Story Women's Cross Country/Track & Field Senior
Maya Takashima Volleyball Senior
Abigail Vorsteg Women's Lacrosse Junior
Emily Warren Women's Swimming Junior
Abigail Wiles Volleyball Junior
Courtney Wolfgang Women's Swimming  Junior
Abby Zimmerman Women's Soccer Junior
Amber Zipfel Women's Cross Country/Track & Field Junior
Jonathan Zwemer Men's Swimming Junior


2020 Inductees 

Erin Andrewlevich Track & Field Senior
Anna Balgoyen Cross Country/Track & Field Junior
Brooke Bauman Women's Soccer Senior
Kaylie Benson Women's Swimming Senior
Marina Berry Volleyball Junior
Alyssa Bilkovski Field Hockey Senior
Hannah Bruns Softball Senior
Corinne Carson Women's Soccer Senior
Rylie Cole Women's Lacrosse Junior
Kevin Conrad Men's Soccer Junior
Rachel Cooper Women's Tennis Junior
Josh Duke Men's Swimming Junior
Angelica Gaughran Cross Country/Track & Field Junior
Jerome Giuliano  Men's Rugby Senior
Christian Hague Baseball Senior
Tenley Hares Volleyball Junior
Joseph Hatcher Men's Soccer Junior
Hannah Huggins Cross Country/Track & Field Senior
Claudia Keller Women's Swimming Junior
Elizabeth (Beth) Kelly Women's Swimming Junior
Kennedy King Women's Lacrosse Junior
David Lambertson Baseball Junior
Dillon Schweers Cross Country/Track & Field Junior
Matt Scott Men's Swimming Junior
Madison Shifflett Women's Basketball Junior
Morgan Shorts Women's Lacrosse Senior
Kayla Smith Women's Rugby Junior
Miles Spence Cross Country/Track & Field Junior
Stephen Tivenan Cross Country/Track & Field Senior
Isabella Urcia Field Hockey Junior
Brandon Williams Men's Lacrosse Junior
Ruth Wilmot Riding Junior


2019 Inductees

Benjamin Ahrens Men's Soccer Junior
Shannon Bremer Women's Lacrosse Senior
Noah Carpenter Men's Swimming Junior
Hannah Checkeye Women's Lacrosse Junior
Peyton Crickman Men's Golf Senior
Peyton Dunow Volleyball Junior
Julia Geskey Women's Swimming Junior
Elizabeth Goernemann Women's Lacrosse Junior
Paige Haskins Women's Lacrosse Junior
Nathaniel Holic Men's Lacrosse Junior
Makenzie Katzer Women's Swimming Junior
Mackenzie Kirkham Women's Soccer Senior
Kristen Kunaniec Women's Lacrosse Senior
Meredith LeBel Field Hockey Junior
Jacob Lovinger Men's Soccer Junior
Hailee Morse Women's Swimming Junior
Savannah Powers Volleyball Junior
Quintin Ricci Men's Lacrosse Junior
Joshua Schulman Men's Lacrosse Senior
Emily Siegfried Women's Rowing Senior
Rachel Summers Women's Tennis Junior
Robert Tata Men's Lacrosse Senior
Emily Thompson Women's Basketball Junior
Lucas Turney Men's Soccer Junior
Carley Vaughn Women's Swimming Junior
Erin Whitesell Women's Swimming Junior


2018 Inductees

Hanna Ashby Women's Lacrosse Junior
Jenny Bosserman Women's Lacrosse Junior
Savannah Boyd Women's Lacrosse Junior
Kara Bruzdzinski Women's Soccer Junior
Mackenzie Burnett Field Hockey Junior
Christina Carlston Women's Soccer Junior
Michael Carrion Men's Swimming Junior
Christopher Cassingham Men's Swimming Senior
Jessica Cavolt Field Hockey Junior
John Cronin Men's Basketball Junior
Al Davis Women's Lacrosse Junior
Sara  Fioretti Women's Tennis Junior
Sarah Hampton Women's Lacrosse Junior
Emily Knerr Cross Country/Track & Field Junior
Helen Makriyianis Women's Swimming Junior
Christiana Meyers Women's Soccer Junior
Danielle Mirabella Women's Tennis Junior
Caroline Mullin Women's Soccer Senior
Daniel  Ortiz Baseball Junior
Jordan Pamlayne Women's Basketball Junior
Jeremy Robertson Men's Swimming Junior
Ramsis Ruiz Valdez Baseball Junior
Corrine Rydgren Field Hockey Junior
David Slupek Baseball Senior
Ripken Smith Track & Field Junior
Jillian Weisbeck Cross Country/Track & Field Junior
Jacob  Williams Men's Basketball Junior
Tyler Withers Men's Basketball Junior


2017 Inductees

Sara Armor Women's Soccer Senior
Marin Bader Cross Country/Track & Field Junior
Maiah Bartlett Women's Lacrosse Senior
Kaitlyn Brogan Women's Tennis Junior
Anna Corley Women's Swimming Senior
Kelsey Dean Women's Basketball Junior
Molly Garthwaite Cross Country Senior
Peter Grap Men's Swimming Junior
Hannah Hautz Softball Junior
Brittnee Haynes Softball Senior
Danielle Holzhauser Track & Field Senior
Hannah Jabusch Women's Tennis Junior
Maryfay Jackson Women's Soccer Senior
Zachary Kerns Track & Field Senior
Morgan LaRowe Field Hockey Junior
Kirsten Littlefield Women's Lacrosse Junior
Brittany McBride Women's Tennis Junior
Caroline Mosberg Women's Tennis Junior
Megan Murphy Women's Swimming Junior
Emma Olson Volleyball Senior
Victoria Parent Track & Field Senior
Kendall Parker Women's Basketball Junior
Caroline Porco Volleyball Senior
Madalyn Rymer Women's Swimming Junior
Ben Sorensen Cross Country/Track & Field Senior
Bailey Stewart Women's Swimming Junior
Colin Travis Men's Soccer Junior
Meghan Turney Women's Soccer Senior
Noor Varjabedian Field Hockey Junior
Kelsey Vincent Women's Lacrosse Senior
Sam Wasson Men's Lacrosse Junior
Bethany Wilson Track & Field Junior
Jenna Yost Volleyball Junior