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UMW Rowing Competes at Occoquan Sprints Regatta on Sunday

UMW Rowing Competes at Occoquan Sprints Regatta on Sunday

UMW Rowing attended the Occoquan Sprints regatta hosted by George Mason Crew Club on Sunday, 31 March 2019.  Rainy, slightly breezy weather quickly turned to cloudy, with winds 25 mph gusting to 34 mph, as a cold front passed through the area.  There were significant whitecaps on the race venue, with waves washing over the starting platform.  Out of 28 scheduled races, only the first 10 were completed before racing was halted due to unsafe rowing conditions.  Due to unsafe conditions at the starting platform, races were shortened with all boats rowing lightly down their lanes, and then having the referee start the boats racing using a running start.  

Races 9 and 10 were the heat races for men's varsity 8+, with Loyola Md, Delaware, GMU, and UMd in heat 1 (Race 9) and VCU, UVA, Grand Valley Mi, and UMW in heat 2 (Race 10).  In each heat, the three fastest boats were to advance to the final, so boats only rowed hard enough to ensure they were not in last place.  In Race 10, UMW's varsity 8+ easily stayed ahead of VCU, ensuring a spot in the final.

UMW's varsity women were entered in Race 11, also a heats race, but the race officials sent the boats back to the dock without conducting the race.

Following a lengthy discussion between the retatta director, the US Rowing Officials, and all coaches, the decision was made to not continue the regatta due to the windy conditions with high waves.