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Eagles Helping Eagles

As collegiate athletes, we have the inner drive to be successful. It’s what carried us to competing at this level. But to be successful in the gym and in the classroom, that’s a different story. With playing a collegiate sport comes a time commitment and a jam packed day full of practices, weight training, and meetings, giving you less time to be the “student” part of being a student-athlete.

Sounds crazy right? Well some student-athletes at the University of Mary Washington took their busy schedule a step further as they chose to become tutors for their student-athlete peers. Talk about a full schedule! More than twenty student athletes at UMW took on this challenge and have joined the student-athlete tutor organization called Eagles Helping Eagles.

This organization offers one-on-one tutoring between student-athletes at UMW. The hardest part for athletes that sometimes need some help in their college classes is finding someone that understands their crazy schedules and the pressures they face every day, in the classroom and in the competition field.

Eagles Helping Eagles helps to alleviate this by pairing up student athletes who have faced similar challenges in the academic and athletic realms. Student athletes tutoring other student-athletes allows for a connection to form between people that compete for the same “team”: the University of Mary Washington.

Emma Olson '17, Volleyball All-American